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A Beautiful Balsamic Selection


A beautiful selection of 3 of our most popular Balsamic Reductions.

Content – 3 x 100ml Bottles

Caramelised Balsamic Reduction, Lime Balsamic Reduction and Fig Balsamic Reduction

Almond, Chilli & Bilberry Dukkah

S$14.00 S$11.20

Enjoy dipped with turkish bread and your favourite infused olive oil. Use as a coating for chicken, fish, seafood and haloumi cheese. Also great as a sprinkle for salad or vegetables.


Australian Black Pepper – Ceramic Grinder

S$12.00 S$9.60

Grown in tropical North Queensland, our delicious Australian pepper will add just the right amount of spice to your favourite meal.
Our peppercorns are hand picked, sun-dried and pesticide free.


Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

S$12.00 S$9.60

Quality Australian olive oil best used for drizzling over vegetables or salad.
Combine with our any of our all natural Balsamic Reductions to create an amazing dipping


Australian Smoked Pepper – Ceramic Grinder

S$12.00 S$9.60

Our double smoked Australian peppercorns have an incredible aroma and add just the right amount of heat to any dish.
Our peppercorns are Queensland grown, hand picked, sun-dried and pesticide free.


Australian Smoked Salt – Ceramic Grinder

S$11.20 S$9.00

Our Australian rock salt is rich in minerals and has been smoked using reclaimed Oak Wood.
This gives it a beautiful deep smoky flavour and makes a great seasoning for any meal.


Australian Smoked Salt with Pepper, Garlic & Chilli – Ceramic Grinder

S$11.20 S$9.00

Our delicious blend of Australian smoked salt, double smoked peppercorns, dried garlic and chilli is the perfect flavour combination to season any type of meal!


Balsamic, Oil & Dukkah Classic Pack


A classic combination of Balsamic, Oil and Dukkah – perfect as a dipping combination, or simply use individually.

Content –

Caramelised Balsamic Reduction – 100ml

Pistachio & Coconut Dukkah – 85g

Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 100ml

Beetroot Drizzle

S$21.50 S$17.20

For lovers of Beetroot!
Silky and intense, splash our Beetroot Drizzle across a leafy salad or freshly roasted
vegetables. It’s also amazing as a roasting glaze on your favourite meat.

250 ml

Beetroot Relish

S$14.00 S$11.20

Ribbons of freshly julienned beetroot simmered  to a gentle crunch and bursting with zingy beetroot flavour.

This amazing relish will lift any meal, but it’s definitely a case of love at first sight for beef, hamburger and salad.

Strip it back and simplify with a chunk of lightly toasted bread, cheese and some good company.

Preservative and additive free. Gluten free.

Blood Orange Olive Oil

S$20.00 S$18.00

A subtle taste of orange.
Drizzle across a salad or barbequed vegetables.
Delicious as a cooking oil for duck or chicken, or use simply as a dipping oil.


Caramelised Balsamic Reduction


Thick and silky, our Caramelised Balsamic Reduction is a delicious all-rounder.
Whether drizzled over home-made pizza , through a bowl of warm pumpkin soup or even
across a leafy salad or roast vegetables, this is a must have in every pantry.

250 ml