Truffle Seasoning Powder Singapore

We all love truffle but it is seasonal and preservation can be difficult. It is time to bring home the pack of truffle seasoning powder in Singapore made with extra care to preserve the taste and aroma of truffles in every pinch of the seasoning powder for an excellent taste.

Sprinkle it on fries, eggs, rice, pasta, pizza and vegetables to enjoy a perfect Sunday brunch at home. You can also rub it with oil onto the piece of your favourite meat cut or stir into soups, sauces, and any other side dishes before serving to enrich the flavour of your dish. Just by adding the truffle seasoning makes even simple scrambled eggs a gourmet delight. Try coating your chicken or favourite cut of meat for a delightfully decadent treat. Add this versatile flavor of truffles to your pantry, the best truffle seasoning at low price in Singapore is at Trearth.
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Truffle Seasoning


Our Stonebarn Truffle Seasoning is incredibly versatile and will spice up any dish! It can be sprinkled on french fries, eggs, rice, pasta, pizza, vegetables, rubbed into meat and stirred into soups and sauces to give an instant, subtle truffle flavour to your meal.

Available in 30g