Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Quality Australian olive oil best used for drizzling over vegetables or salad.
Combine with our any of our all natural Balsamic Reductions to create an amazing dipping


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Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Do you love cooking? Is food close to your heart? But what oil do you use while cooking? Have you thought about how fats affect your health? Don’t worry; you don’t need to sacrifice your love for food for that! Just switch your regular kitchen oil with Australian extra virgin olive oil or our organic extra virgin olive oil from Italy.

Extra virgin olive oil is the top choice for every discerning chef because of its intense, full-bodied flavors, making it the perfect healthier choice. Transform your favorite dish and add a new twist to an old classic with this fabulous oil packed with healthy and nutritious natural compounds that protects and nourishes your body.

Combine Olive oil extra virgin with our all-natural balsamic reductions to create an amazing dip or dressing for a range of salads or finger food. Switch from your regular cooking oil to extra virgin olive oil today.


Willow Vale Gourmet Food Co.

Committed to tantalising your tastebuds with our all-natural and hand crafted selection of gourmet food accompaniments.

At Trearth, we source from the gourmet food company to bring to you gourmet food product range to tantalize your tastebuds with all natural and hand-crafted selection.

Choose from our wide range of products like extra virgin olive oil, garlic olive oil, lemon myrtle olive oil, truffle oil, balsamic reduction, mango chutney, pear saffron chutney, beetroot relish, almond, chili, bilberry dukkah, and other sauces They will give you a fresh new world of experience to your daily meal.

Spread extra virgin olive oil and dukkah on toast or sprinkle dukkah on eggs or on avocado, this breakfast will energize your body to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Dukkah is great as a coating for meat, seafood and haloumi cheese, also great as a sprinkle for salad or vegetables. Create a wonderful, zesty dipping emulsion by combining our lemon myrtle olive oil with balsamic reduction, the flavour is endless with our wide range of product from the gourmet food company.

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