Black Truffle Chilli Sauce


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Stonebarn Black Truffle Chilli Sauce is a versatile hot sauce with a beautiful truffle taste that can
be enjoyed in so many ways.  It can be served separately to food and added to taste, for example
it is a perfect condiment for burgers and sausages.  It is also a great go-to pantry sauce – just one tablespoon added to a sauce or broth creates an explosion of chilli and truffle filled flavours.

Add to a pizza sauce to create a spicy topping, use as a marinade for grilled chicken to create
your own Nando’s style hot truffle chicken, stir into a stew broth to warm you up over the
winter.  It is a great substitute for when you don’t have any fresh truffle or chillies in your fridge.
Simply add to a tomato-based meat sauce to create your own chilli or nacho dish.

Available in 150ml

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