Black Truffle Pieces in Truffle Juice – 50g

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Enjoy canned Stonebarn Black Winter Truffle pieces preserved in truffle juice to capture all of its elusive flavour. Packaged in a shelf-stable container for fast & easy use while staying true to the taste and fragrance of black winter Perigord truffles.

Add the truffle pieces to a dish in the final stages of the cooking process. To enhance the truffle flavour of your dish use some of the truffle juice from the can, or buy a separate can of truffle juice. Truffle juice is an intense truffle broth that can be added to risotto, casseroles, slow cooked meats and soups in the final stages of cooking to infuse your dish with wonderful truffle flavours and aromas.

Available in 50g.

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Brands: Stonebarn
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Exceptional quality black Périgord truffles produced in the heart of the famed truffle region of Manjimup, Western Australia.
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