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Stonebarn Truffle Beer is brewed locally in Manjimup using our very own Stonebarn Black Perigord truffles.

This truffle pale ale is dark amber, almost copper in colour, thanks to the influence of the black truffles. It has a very pungent truffle smell, yet the taste of the ale is subtle – hoppy and earthy with a hint of caramel.

Available in 375ml, IPA 5.9% ABV

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Truffle chilli sauce, truffle Caesar dressing, truffle French dressing, truffle beer

Stone barn Black Truffle Chilli Sauce is a versatile hot sauce with a beautiful truffle taste that can be enjoyed in so many ways.  It can be served separately to food and added to taste, for example the truffle chilli sauce a perfect condiment for burgers and sausages.  It is also a great go-to pantry sauce – just one tablespoon added to a sauce or broth creates an explosion of chilli and truffle filled flavors.

Add to a pizza sauce to create a spicy topping, use as a marinade for grilled chicken to create your own Nando’s style hot truffle chicken, stir into a stew broth to warm you up over the winter.  It is a great substitute for when you don’t have any fresh truffle or chilies in your fridge. Simply add to a tomato-based meat sauce to create your own chilli or nacho dish. You can create a great burger with either the truffle Caesar dressing or truffle French dressing too, to level up serve with a chilled glass of our truffle beer!



Exceptional quality black Périgord truffles produced in the heart of the famed truffle region of Manjimup, Western Australia.
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