Timperio Lemon Olive Oil – 250ml


Sicilian lemons and early-harvest, semi-ripe olives are brought together in this delicately flavored extra virgin oil dressing.  The delicious taste of our healthy extra virgin olive oil and the fresh, zesty fragrance of those luscious lemons add an extra touch of the exotic to your salads, fish or vegetables.

Ideal for salads – especially cooked or raw vegetables.

Add a zesty touch to any fish dish.

Available in 100ml and 250ml.

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Brands: Timperio
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YOU NEED GREAT OLIVES TO MAKE GREATER EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS Each handpicked olive provides an evocative, high quality oil rich in antioxidants and low in acidity, infused with premium Italian white truffle, making it not just great for your taste buds, but a healthy addition to any meal.
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