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Spicy up any home-made dish with the best quality fresh truffle oil in Singapore from Trearth. We have black truffle oil and white truffle oil and other gourmet products like black winter truffle in jar, black winter truffle in can, truffle aioli, truffle mayonnaise, truffle mustard and truffle honey, they give an extra punch to your usual meal. Our white truffle oil is distinctive and mouth-watering; our black winter truffle oil offers a rich and earthly aroma, there is always something for everyone at home.

You can use pure truffle oil in Singapore to marinate of meat, as a seasoning for salad and dressing for other delicacies such as pasta, pizza, risotto, etc. surprise yourself and your loved ones with our gourmet range. Trearth’s truffle oil contains black Perigord truffle pieces grown on Western Australia’s own trufflerie. Next time you visit a friend, bring a 375 ml truffle oil instead of a bottle of wine, this will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. Don’t forget to chill your truffle beer before serving it!