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Australian Smoked Salt – Ceramic Grinder


Our Australian rock salt is rich in minerals and has been smoked using reclaimed Oak Wood.
This gives it a beautiful deep smoky flavour and makes a great seasoning for any meal.


Australian Smoked Salt with Pepper, Garlic & Chilli – Ceramic Grinder


Our delicious blend of Australian smoked salt, double smoked peppercorns, dried garlic and chilli is the perfect flavour combination to season any type of meal!


Balsamic, Oil & Dukkah Classic Pack


A classic combination of Balsamic, Oil and Dukkah – perfect as a dipping combination, or simply use individually.

Content –

Caramelised Balsamic Reduction – 100ml Pistachio & Coconut Dukkah – 85g Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 100ml

Beetroot Drizzle


For lovers of Beetroot!
Silky and intense, splash our Beetroot Drizzle across a leafy salad or freshly roasted
vegetables. It’s also amazing as a roasting glaze on your favourite meat.

250 ml

Beetroot Relish


Ribbons of freshly julienned beetroot simmered  to a gentle crunch and bursting with zingy beetroot flavour.

This amazing relish will lift any meal, but it’s definitely a case of love at first sight for beef, hamburger and salad.

Strip it back and simplify with a chunk of lightly toasted bread, cheese and some good company.

Preservative and additive free. Gluten free.

Black Truffle Caesar Salad Dressing


Stonebarn Black Truffle Caesar Dressing is a rich, creamy accompaniment to any salad dish. The
parmesan and truffle flavours, combined with its smooth consistency give this dressing endless

Mix it with a brine or substitute it for a buttermilk sauce to cook your chicken in.  Stir
it into a pasta salad with veggies for a super-simple cold dish great any time of year for lunch or

Available in 375ml.

Black Truffle Chilli Sauce


Stonebarn Black Truffle Chilli Sauce is a versatile hot sauce with a beautiful truffle taste that can
be enjoyed in so many ways.  It can be served separately to food and added to taste, for example
it is a perfect condiment for burgers and sausages.  It is also a great go-to pantry sauce – just one
tablespoon added to a sauce or broth creates an explosion of chilli and truffle filled flavours.

Add to a pizza sauce to create a spicy topping, use as a marinade for grilled chicken to create
your own Nando’s style hot truffle chicken, stir into a stew broth to warm you up over the
winter.  It is a great substitute for when you don’t have any fresh truffle or chillies in your fridge.
Simply add to a tomato-based meat sauce to create your own chilli or nacho dish.

Available in 150ml

Black Truffle French Dressing


Stonebarn Black Truffle French Dressing is a versatile dressing developed with a delightful
combination of vinegar, garlic, herbs and truffle.

Drizzle over a salad of your choice, use as a marinade for grilled chicken or toss together with
meat and veggies in a big baking dish, then top with parmesan and cook in the oven.

Available in 375ml.

Black Truffle Tapenade 150ml


Stonebarn Black Truffle Tapenade is true to the tapenade popularised in southern France. It contains real black Perigord Truffle (tuber melanosporum) and is combined with black olives, extra virgin olive oil and capers. This exquisite combination gives this tapenade a rich, clean olive taste, a beautiful colour and texture, with a subtle truffle aroma. It can be enjoyed simply by spreading it on bread or as a dip with crackers as an appetizer.

Adding a small amount to any pasta or rice dish will really enhance its flavour. Dilute a little in truffle oil and it can be drizzled over soups, sauces, pizza, bruschetta and meat.

Available in 150ml

Blood Orange Olive Oil


A subtle taste of orange.
Drizzle across a salad or barbequed vegetables.
Delicious as a cooking oil for duck or chicken, or use simply as a dipping oil.


Caramelised Balsamic Reduction


Thick and silky, our Caramelised Balsamic Reduction is a delicious all-rounder.
Whether drizzled over home-made pizza , through a bowl of warm pumpkin soup or even
across a leafy salad or roast vegetables, this is a must have in every pantry.

250 ml

Caramelised Spanish Onion


Wafer thin rings of Spanish onion cooked at just the right relaxed pace to absorb an insane amount of flavour while being so tender they simply melt in your mouth.

It’s a rockstar over steak or chicken, and even makes an amazing gourmet pizza topping.

Get your day off to the right start by tossing a forkful or two over a poached egg with shaved parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Preservative and additive free. Gluten free.