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Truffle Sauce – 340g

S$29.00 S$23.00

This sublime sauce is blended with the black winter truffle, all grown on the trufflerie located in the pristine paradise of Manjimup Western Australia.

Incredible to use on simple pasta or reduced and used as a sauce on any of your favourite meat cuts.

Truffle Seasoning

S$13.50 S$9.90

Our Stonebarn Truffle Seasoning is incredibly versatile and will spice up any dish! It can be sprinkled on french fries, eggs, rice, pasta, pizza, vegetables, rubbed into meat and stirred into soups and sauces to give an instant, subtle truffle flavour to your meal.

Available in 30g

WFH Bundle 1


Stonebarn Truffle Honey 100g
Stonebarn Truffle Seasoning 30g
Willow Vale Lemon Myrtle Oil 250ml
Willow Vale Pistachio & Coconut Dukkah 85g


WFH Bundle 2


Stonebarn Truffle Oil 100m
Stonebarn Truffle Sauce 340g
Stonebarn Truffle Salt (Lake) 65g
Stonebarn Truffle Seasoning 30g

WFH Bundle 3


Stonebarn Truffle Oil 100ml
Stonebarn Truffle Aioli 120g
Stonebarn Truffle Mayonnaise 120g
Stonebarn Truffle Seasoning 30g

Truffle Mustard – 130g

S$25.00 S$20.00

Black Truffle Mustard is made with mild Dijon mustard, expertly infused with the Black Winter Truffles grown on the trufflerie in Manjimup, Western Australia.

Offering a rich earthy flavour, the mustard is fantastic on almost any dish from chicken to simple hot dogs.

Available in both 130g and 350g sizes.

Truffle Salt – 100g

S$25.00 S$20.00

Our locally sourced Australian salt, paired with delectable flakes of fragrant pure black truffle, is a particular favourite with gourmands.

Offering a rich earthy flavour our truffle salt makes even simple scrambled eggs a gourmet delight. Try coating your chicken or favourite cut of meat for a delightfully decadent treat.

Available in 65g, 100g and 320g.